Setting Yourself Up to Win with Nancy A. Ruffin

We are approaching the third week of January…how insane is that? Time is flying and winter is here, but have you set your intentions and goals for 2019? Have you already fallen off the “new year/new me” band wagon? Whether you have or whether you haven’t sat down and really thought about what you want for 2019 there is no time like the present to get your mind and life in gear.

I have been doing vision boards since 2007 ever since I saw Rhonda Byrne on the Oprah Winfrey show talking about the Secret and the Law of Attraction.  That episode truly resonated with me and I purchased the Secret DVD. I have literally watched it over 10 times and from that point on I have been making vision boards ever since.

In my ever evolving journey of self awareness and living my best life with intention and purpose I have been blessed to meet some amazing people who are doing amazing things. Three years ago I came across the Instagram page of the self proclaimed Latina Oprah Nancy A. Ruffin. From the moment I heard Nancy on her page I knew she was a true powerhouse and a woman who not only talks to the talk, but lives it. Nancy is that friend in your head, your support, and cheerleader. She shares her life on her Instagram page @iamnancyruffin and provides motivational content and real life solutions.

Nancy Ruffin

In 2016 I attended her Fierce Women’s Brunch in the Bronx and I got to meet her face to face. She was just as genuine and lovely as she was online. I left that event feeling so inspired and empowered. I knew from then that I would always do my best to attend her events.

I attended her Vision Board workshop in 2017 and of all vision board workshops I have attended her version really clicked with me. Nancy brings you through a process when creating your board and its not just about cutting out pretty pictures and listing material items.

Nancy begins her workshops with a guided mediation, which is great to release any negative energy from your mind and the space and relaxes you. She then has you recap the prior year which is so important to see how far you have come and where you want to go for the next year. She discusses how your value system will play a major role in creating your main three goals for that year and will help you stick to them. She helps you understand you why, and what you need to do to complete you goals. She shows you how to use the SMART mnemonic which stands for S-Specific (or Significant), M-Measurable (or Meaningful), A-Attainable (or Action-Oriented), R-Relevant (or Rewarding), and T-Time-bound (or Trackable). This system alone will completely changing the way you view goal setting. Its a very powerful exercise.

I have to say attending this workshop made my 2018 a year of transformation. She was such a cheerleader for me throughout the year and offered me so much love and support. On January 5, 2019 I attended her Strategic Visioning workshop in Hoboken, NJ and brought my sister with me so she could experience her first Nancy event.

Nancy at the Vision Board event 1/5/19

This event like every Nancy event was filled with women who want more for their life and want to achieve goals and manifest their dreams. I was taken aback when Nancy asked me to speak about my experience and 2018 transformation, yet I was happy to share how this system truly changes your mindset and helps you make changes to achieve your goals.

Nancy says “Every January I create my personal vision board. Not only do I create the vision I also set goals to help me stay focused. Goal setting is one of the concepts I teach in my vision board workshops because when you set goals instead of resolutions you give yourself a better chance of completing and attaining the goal. Goals unlike resolutions can be broken down into smaller goals. You can set deadlines and identify potential roadblocks. Resolutions, on the other hand, are just arbitray statements that people make with no clear idea or game plan to how to make it happen.

So for this new year I encourage you to set a goal instead of making a resolution. Break that goal up into smaller goals or steps. These are the actions that you need to take that will ultimately get you to that end goal. Once you identified the steps set a deadline for each stepand identify any potential roadblocks that may arise and plan for them. When you make a plan, you are arming yourself with the tools necessary to follow-through on your vision. They say a goal without a plan is a wish. Stop wishing and start planning and execute with the follow-thru. When you follow-thru all your visons become realities.”

Nancy will be hosting two more workshops and helping others manifest her vision. Her next event is on February 15th at Cranford High School and at Hostos Community College on February 28th. She is also coordinating a college scholarship fundraiser event for April. She also hosts her weekly podcast show called the EmPOWERment Hour. It’s a must listen too!

To connect with Nancy visit her website at

Follow her on Instagram @iamnancyruffin

Super Pet Expo 2019 – A Pet Lover’s Dream Weekend

The Super Pet Expo is coming to the NJ Convention & Exposition Center starting Friday, February 8th to Sunday, February 10, 2019. It is the perfect event for pet lovers and families to see and learn all about animals.

The event is brought to you by Supreme Source and Vita Bone Artisan products. The exhibition floor will have over 200 vendors! All kinds of vendors from dog training, dog treats, adoption services, cat & dog toys, pet cremation services, pet sitting services and so much more.

This year the expo will have new shows for everyone to enjoy!

Marvelous Mutts sponsored by Supreme Source


The Marvelous Mutts team, this is not your average dog show! These are top canine athletes who were all adopted from shelters and rescues. They will amaze you with their entertaining tricks and stunts. Note that there will be performances each day of the Super Pet Expo, but you will need to go to the website to check the schedule.

Trick Workshops with Chrissy Joy and Good Beasley

Trick Training Workshops Saturday, Feb 9th at 12:30pm and 4:00pm

Showbiz Workshop Sunday, Feb at 11:30am

Join a Workshop with your dog and learn from the best with National Stunt Dog Champion Beasley, and his trainer, Chrissy Joy! Class spots will be available on a first come, first serve basis

Chrissy Joy, DMWYD Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Canine Conditioning Coach is the founder of BFF Talent Group, whose roster of talented pups has worked with The Walt Disney Company, Home Depot, Puppy Bowl, Chewy, and more.

Beasley is a rescue from Homeward Bound Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania and began is journey with Chrissy at just 3 months old! In addition to being the reigning National Stunt Dog Champion, Beasley has many awards, including AKC Performer Title (highest AKC trick title), Champion Trick Dog, Canine Good Citizen + Urban, both agility and rally titles.
CFA Feline Agility and CFA/Garden State Cat Club Pet Me Cat Area

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) joins the Super Pet Expo with two exciting features purrr-fect for cat lovers!

I bet you thought this show was only for the dogs, huh? Fear not feline lovers. Cats like dogs are easily trainable too and this show will show you all about how to bond with your cat and there will be a meet and greet.
Making Cats Lives Better Today (because they don’t really have 9)

Friday, Feb 8th at 5:30pm on the Main Stage

Join Cat Behavior Consultant Sally Williams and Dr. Liz Bales, VMD for a discussion centered on improving the lives of your beloved felines! Topics will include the importance of annual wellness checkups, advice for creating the best relationship with your veterinarian and tips to get over the hurdles of getting your cat to the vet, plus much more. Bring your cat care questions, because there will be time for Q and A. After this session you will have the opportunity to have a meet and greet with the cats too!

Meet N’ Greet with Winston and Maya!SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH AT 3PM on the MAIN STAGE

Come to our Meet’n Greet featuring petfluencers Maya (@mayathedox) and Winston (@winstonthedox). Take pictures with these popular cuties and give them treats!

REPTICON is back again at the show this year, but bigger and better! This is a virtual show within the show that features reptiles, snakes, lizards and tips and advise on how to care for your reptile pets.

Back again this year is Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery! This show is designed to showcase the magic and excitement that reptiles have to offer! Its fun for all age groups.

Exotic Bird Show

New to the show this year is The New Jersey Bird Man himself and all his amazing McCaws – Molly, Polly and Dolly. Both have appeared on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and numerous local television stations showing off their amazing abilities. These birds don’t just fly, they ride bikes, roller skate and play basketball.

And yes you can bring your furry friends with you to the expo too! Please note leashed pets are welcome. Just make sure your pet can handle large crowds of both pets and people. Retractable leashes are not permitted.  Also, please bring clean up supplies should your pet have any accidents on the expo floor! Also there will be no breeders at the expo, however there will be pets available for adoption.

To purchase your tickets go to The Super Pet Expo site by clicking here. Ticket prices are as follows:

One Day Adult (12+) $13.00

One Day Child (4-11) $8.00

Weekend Pass (Adult) $20.00

Weekend Pass (Child) $10.00

Kids 3 & Under Free (one per adult)

The event is at the NJ Convetion & Exposition Center located at 97 Sunfield Avenue in Edison, NJ. Parking is free!

Follow The Supet Expo on all Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and search hashtag #SUPERPETEXPO


How would you like to go to the Super Pet Expo for FREE? Leave a comment on the blog below with your favorite animal and share the post! Winners will be announced on January 26, 2019! Good Luck!