Super Pet Expo 2020

One of my personal favorite expo shows is making its way back to our area this weekend and that is the Super Pet Expo.

This weekend bring your fur kids and families starting February 7-9th to the NJ Convention Center in Edison, NJ.

And they have more fun in store for this year with these new exhibits! The Mid-Atlantic Disco Dog Club MAD – Dogs     The dogs will perform freestyle disc throwing exhibitions.

Super Pet Expo Mid Atl Disc Jagger (1)
Jagger, the youngest featured at the Mid Atlantic Disc Dog Club booth, at 4,is an Australian Shepherd who has been highly competitive out the gates at 1 1/2.  He is one of the club’s top dogs and was a World Champion at 2 1/2 as well as being on the podiums many times over.

Treibball … watch out World Cup because these dogs are an elite group of canine’s that are enthusiastic about the game and are talented. This is a German, low-impact sport which has a little soccer, ball chasing and herding. The Bone-a-Fied talent group will be there showcasing this and many more of what their athletes can do and ways you can get your pet involved.

Everyone had a hermit crab as a pet at one point right? I know my family did and they are so cute. The final new addition to this year’s expo is  Mister Crabs – Crab Show, which is a hands on, educational show showing children how to build a “crabitat” and the care and conservation of hermit crabs.

Two are the most popular areas that people love and are scared of  will be back this year and that is Repticon and Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery

Super Pet Expo 2020 Repticon Green Tree Python

The Green Tree Python, part of Repticon, is designed to blend in so you can’t tell where its head is so it will look like a vine in a tree. These snakes turn green as they get older. You’re looking at the top of the snake’s head in the middle of the coil.

Do not worry the cats are not excluded from the fun. The Garden State Cat Club  will be sponsoring a Pet Me Cat Area and the CFA Agility will demonstrate how cat owners can see their pets agility at home by putting them through jumps and hoops.


Photo courtesy of

Finally there are TONS of vendors for shopping too! Anything and everything from pet attire, pet food, leashes, CBD products for your pets, training companies and more you can’t leave without getting them a little something. They also have a variety of food vendors too.

Here is all the 411 you need if you want to attend this weekend

WebsiteSuper Pet Expo

Where: New Jersey Convention Center, 97 Sunfield Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837

Hours: Friday Feb. 7, 3 p.m. – 8 p.m.; Saturday Feb. 8, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Sunday, Feb. 9, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tickets:One Day Adult (12+) $13.00. One Day Child (4-11) $8.00. Weekend Pass (Adult) $20.00. Weekend Pass (Child) $10.00. Kids 3 & Under Free (one per adult). Some events require additional fees. Pets welcome; leashed pets admitted free. [No retractable leashes].

Follow usTwitter: @SuperPetExpo Instagram: @superpetexpo

30th Annual New Jersey Home Show

This weekend (Friday, February 22 – Sunday February 24) at the New Jersey Convention Center will be hosting the 30th Annual New Jersey Home Show. This event is for all HGTV viewers, decoristas, house flippers and anyone who loves all areas of home and design.

This year the Feature Speaker is Laurie Smith of the popular TV show, Trading Spaces. Her speciality is making any room look like it came out of Architecture Digest with a minimal budget! She will also he sharing her take on a challenge in designing the home … lighting in a Q&A session with her.

Designer Laurie Smith of Trading Spaces

For the 4th year, the Cooking Stage will host top local chefs and bloggers, who will be cooking up delicious delights for attendees. JerseyBites is the premier New Jersey source for restaurant reviews, recipes, chef spotlights and more. The live cooking demonstrations will be Saturday and Sunday only.

There will also be many other talented people sharing their tips this weekend. Teaching us how to spruce up our curb appeal will be landscaping and hardscaping contractor John Balaney of Balaney contracting.

Spring is coming and planting season will be upon us very soon and Garden expert Patrick McDuffee from Well-Sweep Herb Farm will be sharing all insight and tips. He is also bringing a sensory experience that he will give children visiting the Home Show. They’ll watch a Sensitive Plant close when they touch it; carnivorous plants, like a purple pitcher, eat bugs and scratch and sniff any number of herbs.

For anyone who is either in the process or considering remodeling their kitchen we will have Michael Wuss from the Kitchen Design Center on site to answer any questions.

The convention hall will be home for over 200 vendors from landscapers, to kitchen & bath designers, landscapers, and more. There will also be an app, VIP home link that is designed to watch over your home and an automated lawnmower known as Auto Mow. The brand’s New Jersey dealer, Stacey Barlow, had this to say about the robotic mowing: “Robotic Mowers have been popular in Europe for 24 years, and with the recent addition of GPS navigation and Smart Phone control, they can now manage lawns as large as 1 1/4 acres. We asses your property, recommend a mower, then install a wire underground to help guide and contain your robot, leaving you with a perfectly maintained lawn all summer long.” The mowers range from $2,000-$3,500.

Buy Tickets Online for $5 or at the door for $10 each. Free entry to Police officers, Firefighters, EMT’s and All Military with ID on Friday, February 22nd.

Fri. Feb 22, 2019 at 3:00pm-8:00pm. Saturday February 23 10:00am7:00pm and Sunday, February 24, 2019 10:00-5:00pm EST

Follow the convention on social media  

Follow the event with #njhomeshow

Setting Yourself Up to Win with Nancy A. Ruffin

We are approaching the third week of January…how insane is that? Time is flying and winter is here, but have you set your intentions and goals for 2019? Have you already fallen off the “new year/new me” band wagon? Whether you have or whether you haven’t sat down and really thought about what you want for 2019 there is no time like the present to get your mind and life in gear.

I have been doing vision boards since 2007 ever since I saw Rhonda Byrne on the Oprah Winfrey show talking about the Secret and the Law of Attraction.  That episode truly resonated with me and I purchased the Secret DVD. I have literally watched it over 10 times and from that point on I have been making vision boards ever since.

In my ever evolving journey of self awareness and living my best life with intention and purpose I have been blessed to meet some amazing people who are doing amazing things. Three years ago I came across the Instagram page of the self proclaimed Latina Oprah Nancy A. Ruffin. From the moment I heard Nancy on her page I knew she was a true powerhouse and a woman who not only talks to the talk, but lives it. Nancy is that friend in your head, your support, and cheerleader. She shares her life on her Instagram page @iamnancyruffin and provides motivational content and real life solutions.

Nancy Ruffin

In 2016 I attended her Fierce Women’s Brunch in the Bronx and I got to meet her face to face. She was just as genuine and lovely as she was online. I left that event feeling so inspired and empowered. I knew from then that I would always do my best to attend her events.

I attended her Vision Board workshop in 2017 and of all vision board workshops I have attended her version really clicked with me. Nancy brings you through a process when creating your board and its not just about cutting out pretty pictures and listing material items.

Nancy begins her workshops with a guided mediation, which is great to release any negative energy from your mind and the space and relaxes you. She then has you recap the prior year which is so important to see how far you have come and where you want to go for the next year. She discusses how your value system will play a major role in creating your main three goals for that year and will help you stick to them. She helps you understand you why, and what you need to do to complete you goals. She shows you how to use the SMART mnemonic which stands for S-Specific (or Significant), M-Measurable (or Meaningful), A-Attainable (or Action-Oriented), R-Relevant (or Rewarding), and T-Time-bound (or Trackable). This system alone will completely changing the way you view goal setting. Its a very powerful exercise.

I have to say attending this workshop made my 2018 a year of transformation. She was such a cheerleader for me throughout the year and offered me so much love and support. On January 5, 2019 I attended her Strategic Visioning workshop in Hoboken, NJ and brought my sister with me so she could experience her first Nancy event.

Nancy at the Vision Board event 1/5/19

This event like every Nancy event was filled with women who want more for their life and want to achieve goals and manifest their dreams. I was taken aback when Nancy asked me to speak about my experience and 2018 transformation, yet I was happy to share how this system truly changes your mindset and helps you make changes to achieve your goals.

Nancy says “Every January I create my personal vision board. Not only do I create the vision I also set goals to help me stay focused. Goal setting is one of the concepts I teach in my vision board workshops because when you set goals instead of resolutions you give yourself a better chance of completing and attaining the goal. Goals unlike resolutions can be broken down into smaller goals. You can set deadlines and identify potential roadblocks. Resolutions, on the other hand, are just arbitray statements that people make with no clear idea or game plan to how to make it happen.

So for this new year I encourage you to set a goal instead of making a resolution. Break that goal up into smaller goals or steps. These are the actions that you need to take that will ultimately get you to that end goal. Once you identified the steps set a deadline for each stepand identify any potential roadblocks that may arise and plan for them. When you make a plan, you are arming yourself with the tools necessary to follow-through on your vision. They say a goal without a plan is a wish. Stop wishing and start planning and execute with the follow-thru. When you follow-thru all your visons become realities.”

Nancy will be hosting two more workshops and helping others manifest her vision. Her next event is on February 15th at Cranford High School and at Hostos Community College on February 28th. She is also coordinating a college scholarship fundraiser event for April. She also hosts her weekly podcast show called the EmPOWERment Hour. It’s a must listen too!

To connect with Nancy visit her website at

Follow her on Instagram @iamnancyruffin

Super Pet Expo 2019 – A Pet Lover’s Dream Weekend

The Super Pet Expo is coming to the NJ Convention & Exposition Center starting Friday, February 8th to Sunday, February 10, 2019. It is the perfect event for pet lovers and families to see and learn all about animals.

The event is brought to you by Supreme Source and Vita Bone Artisan products. The exhibition floor will have over 200 vendors! All kinds of vendors from dog training, dog treats, adoption services, cat & dog toys, pet cremation services, pet sitting services and so much more.

This year the expo will have new shows for everyone to enjoy!

Marvelous Mutts sponsored by Supreme Source


The Marvelous Mutts team, this is not your average dog show! These are top canine athletes who were all adopted from shelters and rescues. They will amaze you with their entertaining tricks and stunts. Note that there will be performances each day of the Super Pet Expo, but you will need to go to the website to check the schedule.

Trick Workshops with Chrissy Joy and Good Beasley

Trick Training Workshops Saturday, Feb 9th at 12:30pm and 4:00pm

Showbiz Workshop Sunday, Feb at 11:30am

Join a Workshop with your dog and learn from the best with National Stunt Dog Champion Beasley, and his trainer, Chrissy Joy! Class spots will be available on a first come, first serve basis

Chrissy Joy, DMWYD Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Canine Conditioning Coach is the founder of BFF Talent Group, whose roster of talented pups has worked with The Walt Disney Company, Home Depot, Puppy Bowl, Chewy, and more.

Beasley is a rescue from Homeward Bound Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania and began is journey with Chrissy at just 3 months old! In addition to being the reigning National Stunt Dog Champion, Beasley has many awards, including AKC Performer Title (highest AKC trick title), Champion Trick Dog, Canine Good Citizen + Urban, both agility and rally titles.
CFA Feline Agility and CFA/Garden State Cat Club Pet Me Cat Area

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) joins the Super Pet Expo with two exciting features purrr-fect for cat lovers!

I bet you thought this show was only for the dogs, huh? Fear not feline lovers. Cats like dogs are easily trainable too and this show will show you all about how to bond with your cat and there will be a meet and greet.
Making Cats Lives Better Today (because they don’t really have 9)

Friday, Feb 8th at 5:30pm on the Main Stage

Join Cat Behavior Consultant Sally Williams and Dr. Liz Bales, VMD for a discussion centered on improving the lives of your beloved felines! Topics will include the importance of annual wellness checkups, advice for creating the best relationship with your veterinarian and tips to get over the hurdles of getting your cat to the vet, plus much more. Bring your cat care questions, because there will be time for Q and A. After this session you will have the opportunity to have a meet and greet with the cats too!

Meet N’ Greet with Winston and Maya!SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH AT 3PM on the MAIN STAGE

Come to our Meet’n Greet featuring petfluencers Maya (@mayathedox) and Winston (@winstonthedox). Take pictures with these popular cuties and give them treats!

REPTICON is back again at the show this year, but bigger and better! This is a virtual show within the show that features reptiles, snakes, lizards and tips and advise on how to care for your reptile pets.

Back again this year is Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery! This show is designed to showcase the magic and excitement that reptiles have to offer! Its fun for all age groups.

Exotic Bird Show

New to the show this year is The New Jersey Bird Man himself and all his amazing McCaws – Molly, Polly and Dolly. Both have appeared on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and numerous local television stations showing off their amazing abilities. These birds don’t just fly, they ride bikes, roller skate and play basketball.

And yes you can bring your furry friends with you to the expo too! Please note leashed pets are welcome. Just make sure your pet can handle large crowds of both pets and people. Retractable leashes are not permitted.  Also, please bring clean up supplies should your pet have any accidents on the expo floor! Also there will be no breeders at the expo, however there will be pets available for adoption.

To purchase your tickets go to The Super Pet Expo site by clicking here. Ticket prices are as follows:

One Day Adult (12+) $13.00

One Day Child (4-11) $8.00

Weekend Pass (Adult) $20.00

Weekend Pass (Child) $10.00

Kids 3 & Under Free (one per adult)

The event is at the NJ Convetion & Exposition Center located at 97 Sunfield Avenue in Edison, NJ. Parking is free!

Follow The Supet Expo on all Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and search hashtag #SUPERPETEXPO


How would you like to go to the Super Pet Expo for FREE? Leave a comment on the blog below with your favorite animal and share the post! Winners will be announced on January 26, 2019! Good Luck!




My Year In Review : 2018

I have to say that 2018 was a good year for me. I certainly had some highs and lows, but the word that comes to mind when I sum it all up is transformation. I have been reviewing this year in my mind the last few days and decided to write about it all so here we go.

I’d like to start off with thanking everyone for the support on the blog. I have a lot of plans for the blog and I’m excited to grow and share it all with you guys.

But for now let’s review …


I started off 2018 two months post op from having gastric sleeve surgery. At this point I was down 35 lbs and was beginning to start truly loving myself for me. I was beginning to feel more confident and finally comfortable in my skin. I also made a big decision with my schedule at the salon to create more work/life balance and removed working Saturdays from my schedule. This was a very scary decision for me because the people pleaser and workaholic in me was scared I would lose clients and make people mad, but not being there to have time with my son meant more. And so I ended my Saturday run at the salon and I can happily say my clients adjusted and I was even more busier this year!


My pivotal moment of February was attending Nancy Ruffin’s Manifest Your Vision workshop. This is her annual vision board workshop and the way she facilitated her workshops is life changing. I just adore and look up to Nancy and if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of her events I highly recommend it.

I also started working with a spiritual healer Vida. I have had two readings with her this year and they are life changing. She has a real mess to her that helps you see situations and yourself more clearly. She also sells amazing products my favorite is her protection sprays.


March was filled with events and family. I had an amazing Easter with Luciano and my family. I did a lot of mom group activities with him and we had so much fun.

My on-site hair and makeup company Bella Rococo Hair & Makeup Artistry had a productive yearly team meeting with a guest speaker that got us charged for the upcoming season.

I was promoted to Senior Designer at the salon. This was a huge accomplishment for me as I was able to move up three levels in four years. I also celebrated working ten years at the salon with a ten day giveaway that my clients loved!

I also attended the International Beauty Show on NYC with my friend and coworker Lena and we got to do some shopping and support a friend who was doing platform education. It was a great time.


At this point in my weight loss journey I was down 50lbs! The halfway point as my end goal is 100lbs. I decided to do a real Photoshoot for Mother’s Day and take some professional pictures with Luciano. As moms we are the one always taking the pictures and are rarely in them and I’m so happy I made this decision. I have always been the “behind the scenes” person. Never fully confident or comfortable with taking pictures, but working with Digna Toledo helped ease my nerves. It was also the first I celebrated how much weight I lost at this time. I also loved this shoot because of the cherry blossoms. There is something so pretty about cherry blossoms and the beautiful pastel colors. I plan on doing a Mother’s Day shoot every year to celebrate being a mom and the bond between my son and me.


May was very full and in a good way!

Salon business and Bella Rococo was very busy. I began working with Ashley Wallace on rebranding both this site and the Bella Rococo site. This was huge game changer in me asking for help and delegating which I still have trouble doing lol!

I attended the Makeup Show NYC and had a great time there! I love that show it’s one of my favorites.

I also coordinated a prom dress drive with my team and collected over 50 dresses for girls in Union County. I plan on getting even more initiatives like this in 2019.

In addition I attended a styling event with one of my hair icons the one and only Ted Gibson! I just love Ted and how he maneuvers hair with such finesse and ease! It was so cool to be in such a private space with him, ask him questions and see his tricks and tips.


The summer was in full gear once we entered June. I have to say this month was full of fun and instrumental moments.

Munchkin, my Chiweenie pup turned two years old and of course I had a big cake and party for her lol! That dog just makes me so happy and I’m so grateful I have her in my life.

So much great things happened for my family. My nephew graduated preschool and was on his way to Kindergarten. My niece performed and killed it in her first dance recital. My brother graduated from plumbing school. Insert proud sister and aunt screams lol

I began to start working with a life coach. I am beyond grateful for my coach Sarah Wahiba Senan. She has been instrumental in changing my thoughts, helping me create boundaries and removing my limiting beliefs. I plan on writing another whole post on her and working with a life coach, but I will tell you it is the best investment you can do for yourself.

Other family fun this month was taking Luciano to his first zoo and we went to the Philadelphia Zoo. We had a blast and he loved seeing all the animals.


The summer fun did not stop here as the memories kept being created. Luciano has his first beach day and trip to the Aquarium. He loves all our adventures and seeing his smile just lights me up.

My Dad hit a milestone and we threw him a surprise 70th luau. He was totally surprised and we had an amazing night with family and his close friends.

I decided to join a moms club in my hometown as a way to connect with more moms in my area and learn more about the community. This group has been very helpful and the women are so nice. It’s hard to attend a lot of the events because of my work schedule, but I try as best I can to participate and so far it’s been a really nice experience and I’ve met some great ladies.

A major highlight was being selected by Frida Photography for her website. Luciano and I trooped over to Pennsylvania to the famous Sunflower patch in Elverson for a Photoshoot. The images she captured were amazing I have no words. It was such a great experience and I will truly cherish those pictures for the rest of my life. And Luciano was like a professional model lol


I ended the summer strong and with a lot of FUN! Luciano has his first trip to New York Coty and Brooklyn as we got to experience several fun pop ups. In Brooklyn we went to Into The Dream and in NYC we went to Candytopia and The Color Factory.


I am a Fall person. I just feel that Fall is such a transformative to shed. I also tend to get super busy between the salon and Bella Rococo jobs. Booked, busy and blessed is always best lol !

I also joined an elite group known as the #notsoglamorous 5am club. This group of women are some powerhouse boss babes! We commit to waking up everyday at 5am to work on ourselves and our goals everyday from 5am-7am. We get motivational content, advise and it’s a true sisterhood! By joining this group I have gained so much insight for my business and myself!

Picture from our first #NSGNYC meet up


I love October and I love Halloween!! This year my sister decided on the Wizard of Oz as our group costume and I have to say we did a damn good job! Check us out

Also, October is also Bike for MS in NYC. This was my fourth ride, however it has been two years since I participated. Last year I was having my sleeve surgery and 2016 I was pregnant. I was so scared because I didn’t train as much as I would have wanted to prepare my body for the race and it is a 30 mile bike ride throughout NYC. However, I showed up and completed the race. It was a very chilly and windy day and I had to take some breaks, but I got through it! I also raised over $500 for the MS foundation which was higher than my goal. I love doing this ride and look forward to it every year.


My birthday month!!! And one of my other favorite holidays Thanksgiving! November also marked a one year anniversary of getting the gastric sleeve surgery. I have officially lost 93lbs to date! I was very hard on myself because I didn’t reach my 100lbs goal this year, but after my supportive friends and family I decided to change my view and celebrate the fact that I lost 93lbs in one year! I know my end goal is near and I will be working very hard to make my health a priority and make fitness a non-negotiable in my life. But I have to say I am feeling so proud and comfortable in my skin. Losing the weight was not just about looking good for me. It’s about shedding weight that was physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually holding me back and down. It’s about taking care of me and making myself a priority and truly falling in love with myself. I’m proud to be a work in progress and look forward to falling more in love with myself each and every day.

This picture below is my favorite picture from Thanksgiving. What I am most grateful for in this world is my son. He has taught me so much, made me work harder, love more deeply and made my life so much better. I am so grateful to be a mother and the bond we have is so strong. We are our own dynamic duo.

November 27 is my birthday! I turned 37 this year and I am a true Sagittarius through in through. After much back and forth I decided to have a birthday dinner with close friends and my family to celebrate this year and their love and support. We went to Lola’s Latin Bistro in Metuchen, NJ and had a fabulous family style dinner, lots of laughs and wine! I Am obsessed with my sequin jacket I got from Rainbow because it just sums up feeling fabulous!


The final month of the year in one word was HECTIC! First this month is not only special because of the holidays, but Luciano turned two on December 5th! He had a birthday party at the Little Gym and had so much fun.

I also am proud because at this time Mike and I have made major strides in our co-parenting and are at a place where our communication is at an all time high, we have a schedule in place and Luciano is happy. Our main concern is to raise the best human being and each day we get closer to that goal. Co-parenting definitely has its highs and lows and it’s not always easy. A tip I can share is keeping communication lines open and always being respectful. Keep the main focus at the forefront which is your child and their happiness. Never argue in front of them or talk negatively about the other parent around them. It’s a constant work in progress, but I am very proud of us and how far we have come.

When you have children the holidays just get better. You get to relive the magic of Christmas in my opinion and there are so many fun activities to do with the kids. Luciano went to the Sugar and Spice Holiday Pop-Up in Brooklyn and the magical Polar Express with his cousins in Whippany, NJ. Seeing his face light up with Santa and the lights is just the best sight to see.

I wanted to do a give back project for the holiday season. I participated in the Frosty Letter project with my mom group. A child writes a letter to Frosty with their Christmas wishes. I had two twin brothers who were soccer fanatics and got them everything on their list ! The first thing they asked for was a winter coat. This broke my heart because no child should have to ask for that for Christmas. This was a great initiative and I was so happy to be apart of it. I also teamed up with Luciano’s day care The Learning Experience in Woodbridge, NJ and collected toys for their toy drive. I had a goal of collecting 50 toys and doubled that by collecting 102 toys! The school was able to donate over 300 brand new toys to Catholic charities for their annual Christmas party.

Christmas was great this year as we had matching pajamas, seven fishes Christmas Eve dinner and family time.

As I reflect just on this last month I realize that I need to better prepare for this month especially since it’s Luciano’s Birthday, the holidays and the busiest time of year in the salon. I decided to work extra days this month and literally worked almost everyday with only a day off here and there. The financial gain doesn’t always match the effort and I’m left leaving the year exhausted and run down. Always feeling rushed and unorganized. I will not be doing this to myself anymore. I will continue to work hard but making sure there is enough rest time in between.

It’s about the journey… the transformation. As I reflect on this year I feel proud and I feel ready for the next phase of my journey into becoming the woman I need and am meant to be. For every low there was a high and a lesson.

I see a lot of posts about their year in review and I feel it is important to celebrate and review your year. When you sit down to do this you will actually surprise yourself on how much you actually accomplished.

My word for 2019 is FOCUS! I plan on being laser focused on all areas of my life. Truly loving with passion and purpose and giving each day 100%! I look forward to elevating and sharing my story with you all.

I’d like to wish you all a very happy new year and here’s to 2019!

Feel free to share your celebrations of 2018 or your word for 2019 below. I’d love to hear from you!



It Starts from Within: Tips for Improving Internal & External Beauty

In a world filled with so much emphasis on beauty and social media it is important to find the balance. However I am a firm believer in that true beauty starts on the inside. Treating your body like a temple and truly taking care of it will make you feel good and present your best self!

I am so happy to have guest blogger, Alex Berger from The Berger Bungalow

back again to share her insight on this topic. As well as some great tips from All Cure Spine and Sports Medicine located in Monroe, NJ.

Your external appearance is so important because it is the first thing that people judge you on. The minute you walk in a door, you automatically get judged based on what you are wearing and what you look like. This is one of many reasons why I love doing hair and makeup so much. I believe that just a little bit of fashion, great makeup, and a really good hairstyle can not only show others that you are ready for the day, but it can also improve your mood, your confidence, and your overall happiness, which is so very important. Because of this (as well as many other reasons), I truly believe that external beauty matters, but also that internal beauty matters just as much.

Chispa Magazine says, “Now some of us believe that beauty fades over the ages and do all they can to prevent this. Those people who think so have the potential to really lose their beauty getting older. And vice versa those who realize that beauty is something that we can’t see, measure and touch with the physical eye not only save but also improve their beauty over the ages. Therein lies the main difference between the external and internal appearance. As the inner depends only on us—our self-instruction and self-improvement, but the outer everyone can improve today with the help of plastic surgery, a qualified beautician, an amazing tattoo design etc. A skilled plastic surgeon can make your face and body beautiful, but he can’t improve your sense of humor or correct the level of anger and greed. A good beautician can smooth out the wrinkles on your face or prevent sunspots and skin pigmentation but she can’t take out all violence and jealousy from your soul.”

Now, this is not saying that internal beauty is more important than outer beauty at all, but to me, it just means that both really need to be fostered as much as possible. Here are a few ways that you can work on improving and maintaining both your internal and external beauty:

Eating Well

Eating well can improve both your internal and external beauty, but I wanted to focus more on external beauty for this one. Eating healthy foods that are high in antioxidants such as berries, leafy greens, squash, tomatoes, and more, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as reduce the free radicals in your body that attack tissues and promote premature aging. This will improve the way your body looks, which in turn, improves your confidence and your overall mindset. Although we are focusing on external improvements, the result of those external changes will improve your overall happiness and mindset about yourself, resulting in an improvement of internal beauty.

Focus on Mindful Practices

Mindful practices such as yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, and journaling can really help manifest your internal beauty and confidence. According to Art of Living, “Interestingly, science has proven that our breath and emotions are connected. Every emotion has a specific rhythm of breath; both influence each other. When you’re angry, you breathe faster and when you’re sad, your exhalations are longer than your inhalations. When you are happy, your breath is expanded. Science also says that you can change how you feel simply by changing the pattern of your breath. With regular practice of different breathing techniques like Alternate Nostril Breathing, Bellows Breath, Shining Head Breath, and life transforming Sudarshan Kriya, you can unlock this power of breath to experience your innate happiness and positive emotions to enrich your beauty. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a global humanitarian and spiritual master, popularly known as The Guru of Joy, says, “For external beauty, you put on things; for real beauty, you have to drop all the things. For external beauty you have to have make-up; for your real beauty you only have to realize that you are made-up! Just wake up and see that you are beautiful. The innocence in you is so beautiful. The dance in you is so beautiful.”

Heal Your Body

If you are dealing with depression, excessive stress, pain, lyme disease, or other issues that cause you to be held back from optimum health and happiness, it’s time to do something about it and luckily, there are simple ways to improve heal your body and improve your internal and external beauty. For example, massage can help with relaxation, tension, and stress-relief and acupuncture can help with many different issues such as, back pain, neck pain, infertility, lyme disease, bipolar disorder, life transitions, emotional health, and even arthritis. The family-owned practice based out of New Jersey, AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine says, “We’re on a mission to add health, balance, and success to your life.

Achieving maximum health is more than the absence of an illness. Authentic human health also includes the fulfillment of potential — potential for healing, creativity, wisdom, love, friendship, family, career, spirituality, physical fitness, leadership, and more. We’ll listen carefully to you before creating a treatment approach to address your unique needs. Your comfort, dignity, and confidentiality are always among our highest priorities. Our offices are designed to be an oasis for healing.” Owner and clinic director, Dr. Anthony Alfieri “strongly believes in an integrated approach to physical rehabilitation and pain management. Having four different type of doctors under one roof, is not only convenient for the patient, but it is helpful for treatment plans to allow for fast and effective outcomes. He feels that each patient’s experience with AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine will maximize their ability to not only get better, but to stay better.”

Eliminate Negativity

Eliminating negativity in your life is a must for improving internal and external beauty. Negativity causes stress which has a huge effect on your mental state. Like we discussed above, your internal beauty definitely affects your external beauty and vise versa. If you are stressed frequently, you are more prone to blemishes, wrinkles, gray hair, and premature aging. So, let’s eliminate the stresses and negativity in your life, in order to keep your skin wrinkle and blemish-free. This will also improve your happiness in your life, which is never a bad thing.

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Look & Learn with Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson is a true pioneer in the beauty industry and truth be told my all time favorite stylist.

Ted Gibson taught a Look and Learn at Reche Academy in Metuchen, NJ all about learning the secrets of styling celebrity, runway, fashion and editorial hair. In addition learning his tips and tricks to creating “celebrity” hairstyles.

Ted Gibson is well known for his work on Angelina Jolie, Zoe Saldana, and Anne Hathaway to name a few. He also is the hair stylist for the show What Not to Wear.

He started the session with introductions from the him and the class and then provided tips on how to be an outstanding stylist and provide a red carpet experience.

Ted did a curling iron set on the model and went over three different and versatile looks that were quick to do and very fashion forward.

Lisa Marie Vendemia, owner of Reche Academy said, “Our evening with Ted was an inspiring and exciting once in a lifetime experience. We were able to connect with one of the top celebrity hairstylists to date. The time Ted Gibson and his Artistic Team spent sharing their experiences and talent was greatly appreciated. I personally walked away from our evening feeling a renewed energy not only for my craft but also for my spirit!”

It was the best night ever for me to meet Ted and tell him how much he has influenced me and my career. I learned so much from him at this event. He is always amazing to be around

For more information on Ted Gibson and his salon check out his Instagram page @tedgibson

Reche Salon & Hair Academy is located at 279 Central Avenue in Metuchen, NJ. Follow their social media on Instagram @rechehairteam

Four Reasons your child might be struggling in school

Being a parent comes with so many things to do and challenges to face. My son is 18 months and I always want to ensure he is developing on track. I’m grateful for his daycare and the teachers for keeping him on schedule and teaching him so much. However as the children grow there could be issues with them struggling in school. I am so happy to have Alex Berger from The Berger Bungalow as a guest blogger for this topic. We have collaborated with Empowered Learning Transformation Centers to help parents understand why their child may be struggling in school. Read more below to gain some insight.

It is easy to struggle in school and most everyone experiences the struggle at some point in their life. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not do anything to fix the struggle when it occurs. This leads to a significant number of kids struggling and not doing their best in school, which can result in future consequences such as not attending college, or possibly not even graduating. In my opinion, this is unacceptable. We live in a day and age where it is pretty necessary to have a degree and every child should be able to succeed. If your child is struggling through school, please make sure to find out why. I know it is a hard step to accept that your child is struggling and if you are not sure why, it can be a challenge to figure out what is hindering them, but there are ways, so don’t stress out too much!


According to Forbes, “Lack of motivation is a real and pressing problem. Upwards of 40 percent of high school students are chronically disengaged from school, according to a 2003 National Research Council report on motivation. Students who are bored or inattentive or who put little effort to schoolwork are unlikely to benefit from better standards, curriculum, and instruction unless schools, teachers, and parents take steps to address their lack of motivation, the CEP papers conclude. On the other hand, students who are motivated to learn have higher achievement, show better understanding of the concepts they are taught, are more satisfied with school, and have lower dropout rates, according to a variety of studies reviewed by Edward Deci and colleagues.”

Other kids

Sometimes, they issue is not your child, it is other children. If your child is being bullied, they could be very unattached to what is going on around them. Confidence plays a huge role in your child’s life and education and if their confidence levels have dropped, most of the time, their motivation and want to succeed drops, as well. Make sure you do not jump to conclusions, though. If it is the result of other kids, it may not always be an issue with bullying. Your child might be trying to fit in with all of the other boys that whoop and holler during class and it could be a big distraction. You just never know, so keep an open mind when figuring this out!


A lot of the time, if a student thinks they can get away with doing the bare minimum, they will. This is why I believe that it is very important to hold them to a higher standard. As a parent, make sure you cheer them on when they have successes and be there for them when they fail. Most importantly, remind them that are the only one(s) that can create their own destiny. They have the ability to do whatever they want if they work hard and reach for their goals.

Learning Disabilities

Currently, about 2.3 million students are diagnosed with a specific learning disability and are receiving special education services. According to Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, “Public schools label LD students as special education students and provide an individualized education plan, but the IEP is usually built from a standardized list of accommodations that teachers of 30-student classrooms struggle to implement with fidelity. Frustration with their difficulty with learning builds up over time, and often students with LD can ‘check out’ of school. These students may even begin to believe that they cannot succeed in school.” It is understandable that a parent does not want to initially consider the possibility of a learning disability, but the best way to start improvements is by accepting the fact that there is a learning disability and opting to get help. “Empowered Learning Transformation Centers recognizes that everyone learns differently. We don’t attach stigma to the need to individualize learning plans for students. Our small class sizes guarantee that teachers know their students’ needs well, and that they can individualize learning plans in big and small ways, both in long-term planning and spontaneous day-to-day adjustments. The positive atmosphere also helps students build confidence in their ability learn. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is the right school for LD students. Success for the student with learning disabilities requires a focus on individual achievement, individual progress, and individual learning.” Even if your child does not have a LD, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers can help your family. Their main goal is to help learners of any age and ability break through to peak performance levels in the areas of learning, focus, and attention.

For more information please visit Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Hair on Fleet

What if I told you that there is a product that will prep and finish your hair in one bottle? Make room in your product drawer for NAVY Hair Care’s Style Navigating Prep & Finishing Spray. It is sure to be a staple in your haircare routine.

Being a hairstylist I get to test a lot of products, and I’m happy to say that I am obsessed with this spray! I use it on myself and my clients and the results are gorgeous.

The spray is a micro mist that fights off static and controls frizz. It is great on all hair types and can be used on wet or dry hair. Offers UV and thermal protection and will prolong the life of your style. I have been able to go three days with my blowouts since using this product! I also love how it leaves the hair shiny, conditioned and no product build up. The hair is left bouncy and touchable not sticky or hard like other products. It also smells so good!

I also love that the spray is made in the USA 🇺🇸! It is not tested on animals and the packaging is eco-friendly. It is also formulated without sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates and petroleum.

Priced just right at $25!

Be prepared to be a #ForceofNavy

NAVY Hair Care

GIVEAWAY :: Super Pet Expo: The Pet Lovers Dream Weekend

I am beyond obsessed with my dog Munchkin. She is a true god send to me and I literally treat her like she is my second child … lol! And because I love her so much I was so excited to hear about the Super Pet Expo that is happening next month and be able to giveaway two family packs of tickets to this event!

One of the largest pet events on the East Coast is coming to the NJ Convention Center April 13-15, 2018! The Super Pet Expo!

This expo is perfect for your entire family and fur babies. It will be so much fun, have tons of shopping , education and the chance to adopt a pet. The show is brought to you by Supreme Source Premium Pet Nutrition and Vita Bon Artisan Inspired.

Major League baseball veteran Milt Wilcox will be with his organization Ultimate Air Dogs. You will see and can even register your four legged pal and watch them soar into the air into a 30,000 gallon swimming pool.

One of the events I am most excited for is the Pig Placement Network! I don’t know why but I always wanted a teacup mini pig. I just love them! I think they are the cutest things on the planet. Pig Placement Network is an adoption service for pet pigs. They bring together pot bellied pigs and owners so that both parties have the most deserving homes. Did you know pigs are extremely smart? You will the first ever Pig Agility demostrations such as calling by name, tricks like sitting, and even play a drum.

There will also be Luring 101. This is perfect for the dog that is in good shape and loves to chase. This course comes with an additional fee and no prior training is required.

Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery  will be hosting shows that will focus on the magic and excitement that reptiles have to offer. In addition, I am also excited to check out Wolf Visions. Wolf Visions is dedicated to the education, preservation,and restoration of the wolf. They will be hosting a presentation busting all the myths and legends about the “Big Bad Wolf” and educating about how crucial theses animals are for the environment.

This expo will also feature the very popular Repticon. See reptiles from around the world! Exotic snakes, lizards and more from Africa, Austrailia and beyond. Animals will be available for purchase.

The International Cat Association or TICA will be having their debut at the expo with a kitty exclusive area. Here you can get cat care advise , meet a variety of breeds, and watch Feline Agility Demonstrations. It is important to note that this area is for cats only no dogs will be allowed in this area.

Saturday April 14 at 1:00pm will be a Best Dressed Pet Competition hosted by Dana Humphrey, “The Pet Lady”. Animals will strut the catwalk on the main stage to be scared by judges. Top 3 will advance to the Finals with a Grand Champion chosen based on audience applause. Go to the website to sign up!

I am so excited to be able to givewaway two packs (5 tickets each) for this amazing event!

To Enter go to our Instagram page @theredlipdiaries. Make sure you follow the page and comment either a dog or cat emoji. Tag a friend who would love this blog! Winner will be announced this Sunday March 25, 2018!

Here are the event details

Where: New Jersey Convention Center, Edison, NJ

Hours: Friday, April 13th 3:00PM-8:00PM, Saturday April 14 10:00AM-7:00PM, Sunday April 15th 10:00AM-5:00pm

Tickets: One Day Adult (12+) $13.00, One Day Child (4-11) $8.00. Weekend Pass (Adult) $20.00. Weekend Pass (Child) $10.00. Kids 3 & Under Free (one per adult).

Pets are welcome. Leashed pets admitted free. (No-retractable leashes)

Good luck dolls!