(Photography by: Hortencia Caires of Stylefeen)

On Saturday February 21st I had the pleasure to attend the first workshop for Brainbabes. Brainbabes is a blogger’s best friend! The company is designed to empower, educate, inspire, connect and create! Founded by the amazing photographer Denisse Benitez and influential blogger Jeanne Grey of http://www.greylayers.com this dynamic duo provides hands on workshops to help bloggers make their blogs better, creamarketing and branding, and show them how to make money from their blogs!


(I loved these cupcakes by Sugar Supply JC)

It was so refreshing and exciting to be around other bloggers who are interested in empowering other woman and sharing their experiences. Denisse and Jeanne were informative and real! They provided real life experiences and shared their trials and tribulations of how they have build their brands.The overall vibe of our workshop was positive and uplifting, and I highly recommend Brainbabes to bloggers and those who wish to start a blog!


(Photography by: Hortencia Caires of Stylefeen) Our amazing group!

The next Brainbabes workshop will be held in New York City on April 19, 2015. The focus will be on branding and marketing.

For more information on Brainbabes and the services the provide check out their website at http://www.brainbabes.co.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brainbabes

Instagram: @brainbabes

For more information on Jeanne Grey check out http://greylayers.com and Instagram @the.grey

For more information on Denisse Benitez check out http://www.denissebenitez.com and Instagram @thugnanny_

Till next time dolls!!n



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