A Perfect Sunday 

As I lay down to get ready for bed I sit and reflect on the day. I have to say today was such a great day. I don’t know about you, but I love a good brunch! After sleeping in later than normal today a friend and I went to The Iron Monkey in Jersey City, NJ.

This is my second time at The Iron Monkey and I was beyond pleased today. When you walk into the restaurant you don’t realize how big this place is because the bar is on the bottom, second floor is inside dining and one more flight up is the rooftop dining area/bar. The ambiance, vibe and breeze on the rooftop area was fabulous on this beautiful summer afternoon. And the $2 mimosas made our time there even sweeter! 

(Second floor inside the Iron Monkey)

(The rooftop area at the Iron Monkey)

The brunch menu did not disappoint. Tons of creative, innovative and delicious options to choose from such as buttermilk pancakes, shrimp grits, T-bone steak, chicken and waffles and more. I was craving pancakes and a side of extra crispy bacon and my friend got the steak, hash browns and fresh spring salad. We both loved our dishes !   

Since it was such a gorgeous afternoon we took a stroll down by Exchange Waterfront. I’ve never been down by this area and the view of the skyline was perfect. The 9/11 memorial of the iron from the tower was incredible. All the boats were out on the water along with people on jet ski’s it was a great day to be outdoors. I like the beach, but I love summer in NYC and surrounding areas it’s my favorite. I could walk around, people watch and look at all the buildings all day.



I usually work at the salon on Sunday’s so this was a refreshing and fun change of pace for me. Perfect weather, good food and good people made this day pretty amazing!

For more information on a The Iron Monkey go to http://www.ironmonkey.com
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Till next time dolls …


Stefanie 💋

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