February Ipsy Bag Review 

I am LOVING everything about this month’s Ipsy Bag! From the products to the bag this is a first where I have liked every single item! 

Here is what I received:

• Luxie Beauty 514 blush brush •

I love Luxie brushes. They are so soft, blend beautifully and are built to last. I love how this brush is dual fiber and I may use it for more than just blush. 

Luxie Beauty $18

• Briogeo Rosarco Blow dry perfection & heat protectant creme •

This is good blow dry cream for all hair types. It will enhance shine, tame frizz and offer heat protection for tools at 425^F. 

Briogeo $24

• Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches matte bronzer •
I love a highlight, but most bronzers that have shimmer are too glittery for me. This bronzer offers that natural sun kissed look. 

Elizabeth Mott $25
•Winky Lux Diamond Powder •

A powder foundation that contains crushed diamonds that will give you the ultimate coverage and glow. That makes me excited to try it lol! 

Winky Lux $20

To sign up for Ipsy click on this link below 


If you have an Ipsy subscription let me know what you received and what you liked!

Till next time beauties 

Stefanie 💋

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New Edition

I have been MIA from blogging and am so excited to share the reason why. On December 5, 2016 I gave birth to the most amazing little boy Luciano. He has been keeping me busy these past two months, but I am excited to add mommy to my list of titles. 

Luciano is my rainbow baby. For those that do not know what that means a rainbow baby is a baby born after a miscarriage or other loss. The term comes from the saying “after every storm comes a rainbow.” And he rings true to that name. I had a miscarriage in January 2016 and it was one of the hardest days of my life. You never know how much you want something when it is taken from you. However, I am a firm believer in that the Lord works in mysterious ways and that everything happens for a reason. And now I am so thankful and happy to say I am a mommy to an amazing baby boy. 

It’s crazy how life changes once you become a mother. People talk about it, but it’s even more surreal when you experience. Not only do you go through intense hormonal imbalances for nine months while you are pregnant, but it continues after you give birth. Then the physical changes put you through a whirl. In my case I had a c-section birth so that came with some recovery and healing, but it wasn’t as bad as the horror stories that people told me. Once you get home you get to experience the psychological and emotional changes of your new role in life, balancing out who you were to how you will be now, how you will be as a girlfriend/wife, going back to work and al while trying to get sleep. It’s been a roller coaster ride, but one I am so happy to be on. 

So I am happy to make this announcement to you guys and will intergrate my glam mom role into the blog so please stay tuned for those features as well some other fun ideas I have been working on. 

Here’s to a new year with new experiences with my new edition! 

Newborn photography by the amazing Jamie Meile Photography and Mom’s 365 photography. 

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Get Crafty This Holiday Season with Creative Live

CreativeLive is an online education platform featuring classes in craft, photography, design, video, entrepreneurship and more. The roster of teachers draws from the world’s top experts – including designer and maker Robert Mahar, whose helped put together a few ideas to make DIY holiday gifting fun, easy and from the heart. These homemade gift ideas will have recipients saying ILY faster than DIY!

Below are some ideas the site has to offer for the holidays 

Looking for a Last-Minute Gift? 

What do you get the person that has everything? How about a class with Richard Branson or Anne Geddes?

CreativeLive Class

In a Nutshell: It’s a fun way to give a personal, meaningful gift to the aspiring photographer, designer or entrepreneur in your life. 

Perfect Gift For: Co-worker, children, friends, spouse – pretty much anyone on your list!

The roster of teachers draws from the world’s top experts – Pulitzer, Grammy and Oscar winners, New York Times bestselling authors, thought leaders and legendary entrepreneurs. Some of the experts on CreativeLive include Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, Tim Ferriss, Anne Geddes, Ileana Douglas, Live Schreiber, Incubus and Swiss Miss.
CreativeLive has created more than 1,500 classes, 25,000 lessons, 2,000 articles and over 10,000 hours of highly curated HD video education. A combination of live and pre-recorded classes allows one-of-a-kind access to the best teachers and a global community of students. Live classes encourage free, real-time interaction with experts and students, plus pre-recorded videos allow students to learn at their own pace.

For a full list of classes and for more information on the platform, please visit http://www.creativelive.com.

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Expert Tips & Tricks to Remedy a Nasty Sunburn

Summer is in full swing and with that comes the occasional sunburn. emerginC’s Training Director, Kimberly Sampson shares some tips and tricks on how to avoid inflammation, redness and soreness associated with sunburn below:

Skin redness during sun exposure is our body’s natural immune system response to skin cell’s excess exposure to ultra-violet sun rays. Skin redness occurs when there is an increase of capillary blood flow and skin is burned. Our body’s natural immune defense, or histamines, are released which helps calm skin inflammation – resulting in skin sensitivity and warmth from sunburn. 

 Kimberly’s Sunburn Remedies:

1. When addressing sunburn look for calming, soothing, and healing ingredients in skin care such as aloe, seaweed, tea extracts, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, botanical oils and extracts. Choose a nourishing body butter such as emerginC’s grape stem cell, white tea, and seaweed body butter that will help moisturize and reduce skin redness.

2. Taking a cool shower and applying a post-sun skin care product such as emerginC’s grape stem cell, white tea, and seaweed body butter and/or hydra-repair capsules to face, neck, and chest area will help begin the healing process from sunburn. 

3. A good natural remedy: Soak a soft fabric cloth in milk or collodial oatmeal and apply to areas of redness to help calm skin. Both milk and collodial oatmeal contain healing and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to help address sunburn relief. 

Kimberly’s Recommended Products for Sunburn Relief:

active hydrating complex

A unique gel-base moisturizer containing aloe, glycerin, vitamin B, sodium PCA, matricaria extract creates a natural cooling sensation which helps hydrate, soothe, and protect sun- parched skin. ($53)

grape stem cell, white tea + seaweed body butter

The grape stem cell, white tea, and seaweed body butter contains antioxidant rich kombucha, green and white teas, spirulina, anti-aging grape stem cells, soothing and moisturizing aloe and glycerin and seaweed to help moisturize and nourish sunburn while helping to prevent sun damage. ($45)

hydra-repair capsules

Liquid gel capsules containing avocado oil, ceramides, vitamins E and A helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance, providing instant hydration and nourishing relief to dry, sun burned skin. Apply daily prior to moisturizer/sunscreen or directly after sun exposure for sun relief. ($92.50)

SPF 30+

A physical sunscreen containing anti-oxidant rich vitamins and botanicals to help protect skin against UVA/UVB rays while helping to reduce redness and skin sensitivity. Bonus, the SPF 30+ is formulated for face and body and can be used all year long. ($38)

All products are available via http://www.emerginc.com.



butter LONDON Memorial Day Discount code 

Best part about Memorial Day – the sales! butter LONDON, the prestige colour cosmetics and nail brand, is offering their loyal fans 30% off through Memorial Day, on their website, http://www.butterLONDON.com. Using discount code: MemorialDay2016

Happy Shopping and Happy Memorial Day weekend dolls!!



May Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I received my May Ipsy glam bag this weekend and as always I’m going to show you what goodies I received.

The makeup brush is from Slmissglam. I got the W07 small contour brush. I have not heard of this brush company so I am excited to try a new brush. The bristles are very soft. I couldn’t find the exact price of this brush on the website but the brushes listed range from $13.50 to $16.50. Check out their site at Slmissglam

I love hair oils and I am looking forward to trying the Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment. This is a nourishing hair oil that offers hear protection and shine. It’s retails for $20. For more information check out their site Eva NYC.

Is it just me or can a girl never have enough lip balms? And I love she’s butter which is the main ingredient in this product. The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Lip Balm retails for $21.50 and for more information check out their site The Organic Pharmacy

I’m convinced that these glam bags always know when I need something and this time it’s mascara. I’ve heard great things about Smashbox’s X-Rated mascara so I can’t wait to use it. You can purchase online at Smashbox for $22.

I am loving the last item which is the bellapierre no. 2 Nude Gel Lip liner. It is a gorgeous nude that will make my lip glosses pop! The pencil is very creamy which will make for a smooth application. You can check out more shades on their website Bellapierre for $18 each. 

To sign up for Ipsy click on this link below 

If you have an Ipsy subscription let me know what you received and what you liked!

Till next time beauties!



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March Allure Beauty Box

March brings on a sense of renewal with Spring being right around the corner. This month’s Allure Beauty box takes on that feeling with the amazing products they have chosen! This month it is all about amping up your skin and hair regimen and getting cleaner. 

What I am most excited to try is ACV by DP HUE. It is a vinegar-based rinse that gives the hair a deep clean. Apple cider vinegar is found in most cleanses and I’m excited to try a new hair clarifying treatment. It retails for $35 at http://www.dphue.com

I love Macadamia Professional products! They are so moisturizing and luxurious for the hair. They now have an ultra rich moisture cleansing conditioner that gently removes build up while softening and defrizzing. This is perfect for curly hair girls! Available for purchase at http://www.ulta.com at $10 for 3.3 ounces and $26 for 10 ounces.

I have been a long time member of Julep Maven and I’m so happy to see their products in the Allure box. A major cleansing game changer is their Kojac Cleansing Face Sponge. This is an all natural exfoliating sponge made with charcoal so it unclogs pores. Sold at http://www.qvc.com for $12.

Makeup Forever HD Microfinish powder is one of the best powders on the market. It is a loose, transcultural finishing powder. Sold at Sephora for $34.

Very interested in trying the Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets. They are oil infused hair smoothing sheets. They take frizz as they are passed in your hair and leave no residue. Sold on http://www.folica.com and a box of 12 is $18. 

L’Oreal Pro Last Infallible Lip Color in color 107 Violet Parfait is a gorgeous plum. These lip products offer 24 hour color without drying. For more information go to http://www.infalliblepro.com.

Cargo Blush and Bronzer combo is the last item in the box. The blush is Catalina a gorgeous pearly pink shade and the bronzer is Medium a pretty caramel color. Perfect combo for spring! Sold at http://www.ulta.com for $29.

Sign up today to receive the March box by clicking on this link Allure Beauty Box Link. $15 a month or pay for the whole year.

Allure Beauty Box
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October Julep Maven Box Review


 The quote for the October Julep Maven box is by my all time favorite person and beauty icon Marilyn Monroe: “I told you I’d be ready in five minutes. Stop calling me every half hour.” Love that one! We have all been there when we just need those extra “five minutes” lol!

I’m loving the products in my box this month. I received the Eyeshadow 101 crew-to-powder eyeshadow stick in the color champagne shimmer. This shadow stick glides on with ease and is perfect for creating smudged/smokey eye makeup looks.  It is a perfect shade for the brow bone highlight or an all over lid color. I’m going to try it using it as a shadow base to create different looks with eyeshadow. 

I also received Your Happy Look Pore-Minimizing blush in Clover Pink. This is a light-diffusing diamond powder that contains vitamin B6 to minimize pores to give your cheeks an amazing flush. It is the perfect pink shade that would look great on all skin tones.

I love my monthly beauty subscription boxes … They bring me joy lol! It’s the little things. 

Get $10 off your next $20+ order on Julep.com by using code NYC10.

Are you interested in signing up for Julep and getting a FREE Box? Comment below with your email address. Once you receive an email with my unique referral link you will get a code to receive a free welcome box!

For more information on Julep Maven monthly beauty boxes or products please go to http://www.Julep.com

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Till next time dolls!! Enjoy the weekend





 Moroccanoil is honored to present INSPIRED, a film series that celebrates the lives and work of inspiring women. The six women that will be the focus of the mini-series are: Rosie, Chrissy, Jessica, Rebecca, Kavita and Allyson—the six women whose extraordinary stories celebrates the lives and work of inspiring women.  

I am a hair stylist & makeup artist at Vito Mazza Salon & Day Spa located in Woodbridge, NJ. The salon mission statement is Be Inspired … Be Beautiful. Once we heard about this program we knew we wanted to be apart of this initiative and bring it to our salon floor.

The first woman kicking off the campaign is the gracious and beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She introduces the campaign and reflects on the women in her life that push to grow, change, and how women in the INSPIRED series are inspiring her.

Chrissy Beckles fights not only in the ring, but for those who do not have a voice … animals. On “Dead Dog Beach” in Puerto Rico Chrissy rescued stray dogs and brought them back to have homes in the United States. She created The Sato Project and the video shows her at her charity boxing match that fights for funds and awareness for her charity.

Rebecca Welsh, created the HALO Foundation that works with children who are facing hardships around the world and provides them with support and supplies to ignite their creativity and self-expression. This foundation helps the children move forward and give back to their communities. 

Kavita Shukla created FreshPaper, a major game changer for food storage and freshness in 35 countries. Recently her product has launched in grocery stores in the United States. As a young girl she realized the importantce of extending the life food and how it could change the lives of millions of people. 

New Orleans native Allyson Ahlstrom realized at age fourteen that teenagers in the foster care system and extreme poverty shared her love of fashion and desire to succeed, but couldn’t afford to dress the way they wanted to express themselves. She founded Threads for Teens, a free boutique serving thousands of at risk girls. She has an amazing mobile boutique that goes all over New Orleans and surrounding area.

Jessica Matthews has an incredible story and believes the greatest innovators are kids at heart. She invented SOCCKET, which is a soccer ball that harnesses the kinetic energy of play to create the electrical energy. This is great for children in developing countries as it is a way to light their homes, keep food fresh and water clean all by playing outside with their friends.

Moroccanoil’s company journey began with an inspired woman, and then other women who continue to grow, create and evolve the branch. These woman inspire every new product that is developed and continue to evolve their brand and celebrate their achievements.

INSPIRED BY WOMEN is a global initiative to celebrate and empower all over the world through inspiration. We all have women in our lives who we may know or may not know, but in any event motivate and inspire us to be better and give back.

When you come into the salon you will see posters with the inspired cards. It states I am inspired by on the card, and you will write who inspires you. Take a selfie and hashtag #vmwin, #inspiredbywomen. Then follow Vito Mazza Salon on Instagram @vmsalon and Morrocanoil @Moroccaonoil for your opportunity to be featured throughout the year on inspiredbywomen.com.

I took my picture with a woman who inspires me each and every day to be the best I can be and that is my big sister Nikki. She is a super woman and amazing mom. I would be lost without her!

For more information on this campaign and to see all six videos of the amazing women mentioned above go to http://www.inspiredbywomen.com

Who inspires you? Who are your role models? Comment below and subscribe to get the latest from The Red Lip Diairies. 



July Ipsy Glam Bag Review 

The July Ipsy glam bag has arrived and it is packed with summer essentials. I am also OBSESSED with the case the products came in…so cute!! 

Products inside :

Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuenator cleanser. This I cannot wait to try I love a good dash wash don’t you? That fresh and clean feeling on my skin is the best!

Octavio La Playa Sea Salt SprayInfused with Algae Extract. Bring on the texture in my hair !!

Be a Bombshell Lip Balm in Ruby!!!

Aurora Gel Effect Nail Lacquer in color Alarm Fire. I don’t do my nails lol! I get them done every two weeks and get a gel manicure, but I’m going to have my nail tech friend check it out.

Tarte Amazion Clay waterproof bronzer in Park Ave Princess! This color looks gorgeous I cannot wait to try it and see how waterproof it is!! Perfect for summer !! 

Overall I am very pleased with my Ipsy bag this month. If you are interested in signing up for Ipsy it is $10 a month.  Go to Ipsy site to sign up now !!

If you subscribe to Ipsy did you like your bag this month? Did you get anything different?? 

Till next time dolls !!


Stefanie 💋