Moroccanoil is honored to present INSPIRED, a film series that celebrates the lives and work of inspiring women. The six women that will be the focus of the mini-series are: Rosie, Chrissy, Jessica, Rebecca, Kavita and Allyson—the six women whose extraordinary stories celebrates the lives and work of inspiring women.  

I am a hair stylist & makeup artist at Vito Mazza Salon & Day Spa located in Woodbridge, NJ. The salon mission statement is Be Inspired … Be Beautiful. Once we heard about this program we knew we wanted to be apart of this initiative and bring it to our salon floor.

The first woman kicking off the campaign is the gracious and beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She introduces the campaign and reflects on the women in her life that push to grow, change, and how women in the INSPIRED series are inspiring her.

Chrissy Beckles fights not only in the ring, but for those who do not have a voice … animals. On “Dead Dog Beach” in Puerto Rico Chrissy rescued stray dogs and brought them back to have homes in the United States. She created The Sato Project and the video shows her at her charity boxing match that fights for funds and awareness for her charity.

Rebecca Welsh, created the HALO Foundation that works with children who are facing hardships around the world and provides them with support and supplies to ignite their creativity and self-expression. This foundation helps the children move forward and give back to their communities. 

Kavita Shukla created FreshPaper, a major game changer for food storage and freshness in 35 countries. Recently her product has launched in grocery stores in the United States. As a young girl she realized the importantce of extending the life food and how it could change the lives of millions of people. 

New Orleans native Allyson Ahlstrom realized at age fourteen that teenagers in the foster care system and extreme poverty shared her love of fashion and desire to succeed, but couldn’t afford to dress the way they wanted to express themselves. She founded Threads for Teens, a free boutique serving thousands of at risk girls. She has an amazing mobile boutique that goes all over New Orleans and surrounding area.

Jessica Matthews has an incredible story and believes the greatest innovators are kids at heart. She invented SOCCKET, which is a soccer ball that harnesses the kinetic energy of play to create the electrical energy. This is great for children in developing countries as it is a way to light their homes, keep food fresh and water clean all by playing outside with their friends.

Moroccanoil’s company journey began with an inspired woman, and then other women who continue to grow, create and evolve the branch. These woman inspire every new product that is developed and continue to evolve their brand and celebrate their achievements.

INSPIRED BY WOMEN is a global initiative to celebrate and empower all over the world through inspiration. We all have women in our lives who we may know or may not know, but in any event motivate and inspire us to be better and give back.

When you come into the salon you will see posters with the inspired cards. It states I am inspired by on the card, and you will write who inspires you. Take a selfie and hashtag #vmwin, #inspiredbywomen. Then follow Vito Mazza Salon on Instagram @vmsalon and Morrocanoil @Moroccaonoil for your opportunity to be featured throughout the year on inspiredbywomen.com.

I took my picture with a woman who inspires me each and every day to be the best I can be and that is my big sister Nikki. She is a super woman and amazing mom. I would be lost without her!

For more information on this campaign and to see all six videos of the amazing women mentioned above go to http://www.inspiredbywomen.com

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