Table for One 

Thank God it’s Friday!!! I love Fridays because it is my day off. I started my day with a bridal trial for one of my upcoming clients who is getting married in September. I did her makeup and it came out gorgeous!! She will be the most beautiful bride ever!! 

Finished up ran some errands and decided to treat myself to dinner and then go home. I noticed a cute little burger place and I decided to try it. The place is called Brioche Burger Bistro located in Warren, NJ. I walked in and immediately loved the ambiance and vibe of the place. They have a variety of burgers, sandwiches, soups, mac and cheese and gluten free options. I ordered the Garfield Burger because it has avocados on it and I’m obsessed with avocados .. lol!

The burger was juicy, cooked to perfection and hit the spot! Amazing!! 

However, as I was enjoying myself I noticed the stares around the restaurant because I was dining alone. This was not my first time dining alone, and I thought it was sweet at first all the concerned looks, but then it got rather annoying as they turned into stares of bewilderment and pity. I think eating alone is just fine and can be empowering! I love the alone time. I have to be “on” all the time and talk a lot for work so I relish in the alone time. And sometimes a girl just wants to have a quick bite and go home no plus one required. No pity looks are necessary my fellow diners, but the solo diners out there appreciate the gesture. We are just fine and are enjoying ourselves.

How do you feel about dining alone? I’d love to hear your thoughts !

Brioche Burger Bistro is located at 14 Mount Bethel Road in Warren, NJ.

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Till next time dolls!! Enjoy the weekend

Stefanie 💋